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New Directions...

Zongze ChenTechnical Market Analysis Lead

Zongze Chen with a M.S. in Telecommunications and Networking from U. Penn, and an MBA from The University of Iowa, Mr. Chen has extensive experience in business operations management and information technology, with unique skills as a liaison between business and technology teams.

Timothy Marlerco-founder, President

Timothy Marler is a research scientist at the University of Iowa’s Center for Computer-Aided Design, assistant director of the Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) Program, and co-director of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMTech) Program. Dr. Marler is a licensed professional engineer with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Rochester, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Penn State University, and a Ph.D. of mechanical engineering from the University of Iowa. His technical expertise focuses on R&D management, optimization, human modeling, and model-based manufacturing. Prior to his work with The University of Iowa and VSE, Dr. Marler held industry positions as a manufacturing engineer, software engineer, and product design engineer. He has extensive experience with technology transition.

Paul HeathBusiness and Market Adviser

Paul Heath is the director of the University of Iowa Small Business Development Center (SBDC). A native of Iowa Paul Heath earned his undergraduate degree from Morningside College and his Master’s Degree from the University of South Dakota. Paul then worked for the F.W.Woolworth Company where he remodeled and managed retail operations throughout the Midwest. He then became operations manager for a company headquartered in Charles City that had several retail operations across Northern Iowa. He has been the regional director of the University of Iowa SBDC since 1984. Mr. Heath is a CMA, CPA, and a Certified Business Advisor.

Herman Reiningaco-founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Herman Reininga is the program advisor at the Center for Computer-Aided Design and the director of The National Advanced Driving Simulator at the University of Iowa. Mr. Reininga is also chief engineer and leadership council of Next Generation Manufacturing Technology Initiative (NGMTI). Prior to working at the University of Iowa, Mr. Reininga was both the senior vice president of operations and a corporate partner at Rockwell Collins. He was responsible for overall management of Rockwell Collins’ global production and material operations, including manufacturing, material, quality, and facilities and manufacturing activities until retirement in 2004. Mr. Reininga has an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Iowa State University.

New Ideas...

Ross Johnsonco-founder, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Ross Johnson has a wealth of experience with software development, architecture design, and modeling and simulation. He is the principal consultant and co-founder of Mazira LLC, an early stage company specializing in cloud-based data mining, processing, and visualization solutions. Prior to founding Mazira, Mr. Johnson worked as a researcher and technical team lead, at the University’s Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) Program, focusing on hand modeling and posture prediction. He was a primary developer involved in the early stages of PREVIEW. Mr. Johnson has an undergraduate degree in electrical & computer engineering from the University of Iowa. His areas of technical expertise include software architecture design, distributed processing, and scalable web services.

Ibrahim Ozbolatco-founder, Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Ibrahim Ozbolat is an assistant professor for the University of Iowa’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and a researcher at the Center for Computer-Aided Design. Dr. Ozbolat has undergraduate degrees in industrial engineering and mechanical engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey and a Ph.D. in industrial & systems engineering from the University at Buffalo, SUNY. He specializes in manufacturing, design, modeling and simulation, and tissue engineering. He has over 60 scientific peer-reviewed articles and has been engaged in several projects sponsored by governmental agencies and private corporations in applications ranging from design and manufacturing to clinical medicine and energy. He belongs to The Institute of Industrial Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society and Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society.

Mingyu MaSoftware Developer

Mingyu Ma brings a wealth of expertise in the fields of computer science & physics. He specializes in programming, 3D modeling with Unity, and implementation of web services using Ocsigen Eliom.

Tom ThurmanTechnical Adviser

Tom Thurman was a principal Electrical Engineer at Rockwell Collins with forty years of service in instrumentation and system design. He has been an assigned technical expert to ISO TC 184/SC 4 Automation systems and integration -- Industrial data, for over twenty years, in which role he has lead the development of three editions of ISO 10303-210, the electromechanical design application protocol. He led the development of a multi-disciplinary design to manufacturing analysis application of STEP AP 210 at Rockwell Collins that has processed thousands of designs as an integral part of the PCA design workflow. He is currently a technical advisor to the University of Iowa and the owner of TRThurman consulting. Mr. Thurman is a lifetime member of the International society of Electrical Engineers. Mr. Thurman received a B.S.E.E. from Saint Louis University and received graduate education from Iowa State University.