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The foundation of PREVIEW’s capabilities is PREVIEW Viewer, VSE’s simple and easy-to-use product for visualizing and manipulating STEP files.

A key novelty of PREVIEW is not only in providing a variety of new capabilities, but also in a generalized approach to communication between a central interface and external software systems or databases that house information regarding geometry, component specifications, and board specifications.  In order to provide an open solution, PREVIEW leverages the STEP protocol, which is a common and extensive protocol for archiving and visualizing a variety of types of data, including all elements of PCBs and PCAs.

  • standard for the exchange of product model data
  • integral part of model-based engineering
  • the primary neutral file format for distributing and reusing models
  • inherently help solve the problem of data incompatibility


Read, visualize, and manipulate piece part and assembly STEP files:

  • AP 203 (mechanical)
  • AP 210 (electrical)
  • AP 210 packages
  • AP 210 seating planes
  • AP 210 connectors
  • AP 214 (mechanical)
  • Connectivity (for single- and multi-board systems)
  • Assembly mating
  • Text
  • All shapes
  • All copper components
  • and more…


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