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PREVIEW is a premium software package designed to reduce PCB costs and development time.  As a physics-based modeling-and-simulation platform, the value of such a tool ultimately lies in its ability to complete analysis and test iterations virtually, thus reducing time expended and money spent.

PREVIEW enables printed circuit board designers to assess design shortcomings based on virtual analysis prior to production.  This toolkit includes a platform for coordinating 1) system visualization, 2) system and component data as well as external analysis results, and 3) physics-based analysis capabilities.

PREVIEW will be useful not just to highly technical analysts, but more importantly to program managers and hardware engineers.  This versatility stems from the focus on ease of use, visualization, and system integration, with the following specific capabilities:



  • Intuitive 3D environment
  • Import from STEP: AP203, AP210, AP214, connectivity, text, shapes, copper, and more
  • Visualize integrated form fit
  • Visualize PCBs, including Layers, Traces, Pads, Vias
  • Visualize PCAs, including components, connectors, etc.
  • Display boards in an expanded layer view
  • Visualize connections by tracing through networks

Platform for Data Coordination:

  • Automatically search and display parts
  • Visualize component data with graphical feedback
  • Replace/exchange parts based on specs and criteria

Platform for Physics-Based Testing:

  • Virtual multi-meter
  • Upstream package-analysis studies
  • Integrate with thermal and EMI/EMF software
  • Component- and system-reliability analysis

Preview Viewer

The foundation of PREVIEW’s capabilities is PREVIEW Viewer, VSE’s simple and easy-to-use product for visualizing and manipulating STEP files.

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Despite the value of VSE’s current software products, we recognize that our customer’s success depends on our willingness to address their unique challenges.  Thus, by leveraging our team’s flexibility and our software’s modular software structure, we are able to develop and integrate novel capabilities that respond directly to ever-changing customer needs as technology evolves.