Meet Our Team



Dr.  Tim Marler has extensive experience ranging from industry to academia to science-and-technology policy.  His expertise revolves around modeling and simulation with a focus on multi-objective optimization, training simulators and virtual environments, digital human modeling, advanced manufacturing, and technology transfer.  Dr. Marler has managed multiple large programs involving algorithm analysis and development; computational models; training simulators; and system integration software. Additional experience ranges from software design to manufacturing, at Ford Motor Company, Amana, Pacific Northwest National Lab, and Hon.  Marler currently serves on the Department of Commerce’s Material Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) within the Bureau of Industry and Security. Dr. Marler holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Rochester, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Penn State University, and a Ph.D.  of mechanical engineering from the University of Iowa.


Co-Founder/Lead Business Advisor

Herman Reininga has an extensive career in the field of advanced manufacturing.  Most recently he was the program advisor at the Center for Computer-Aided Design and the director of The National Advanced Driving Simulator at the University of Iowa.  He was chief engineer for the Next Generation Manufacturing Technology Initiative (NGMTI). Mr. Reininga was both the senior vice president of operations and a corporate partner at Rockwell Collins.  He was responsible for overall management of Rockwell Collins’ global production and material operations, including manufacturing, material, quality, and facilities and manufacturing activities until retirement in 2004.  Mr. Reininga has an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Iowa State University.


Co-Founder, Chief Research Officer (CRO)

Dr.  Ozbolat is a Harzt Family Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics Departmnet, and the Biomedial ENgineeirng Department at Penn State Univeristy.  He is also a faculty member of the Huck Institute of the Life Sciences, Material Research Institute, Center for Neural Engineering, Center for Innovative Matreials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition, and Center for Research on Advanced Fiber Technologies.  Dr. Ozbolat has undergraduate degrees in industrial engineering and mechanical engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey and a Ph.D. in industrial & systems engineering from the University at Buffalo, SUNY. He specializes in manufacturing, design, modeling and simulation, and tissue engineering.  He belongs to The Institute of Industrial Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Alpha Pi Mu Honor Society and Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society.


Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Lee Groeschl has several years of technology transfer and new technology venture development experience.  Most recently, Lee served as an Executive-in-Residence (EIR) with TechGROWTH Ohio & Ohio University, helping integrate entrepreneurial programming and service for new technology ventures located in SE Ohio.  Lee was the co-founder and Associate Director of UI Ventures at The University of Iowa from 2010 to 2014. Prior to that he led angel capital formation and entrepreneurial services for The University of North Dakota Center for Innovation in Grand Forks, ND.  Currently, Lee is the President and Founder of Catalyst Equity, a private equity firm focused on new technology development and venture investing.

Cesar Bonezzi

Technical Lead

Cesar Bonezzi has sextensive experience with software design and development, icnlduing both interface and backend design.  He served as a Software Engineer for engineering companies such as Rockwell Collins, University of Iowa Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) Program, and ARRIS (Pace Americas).  He has been in charge of full-life cycle development of software, while working with various teams to bring solutions to customers hands. Mr. Bonezzi holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Iowa with a focus on web technologies and mobile applications.  He has designed and developed solutions using software architectural patterns for implementing enterprise solutions to leverage reusability and maintainability for the codebase.